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Lean Twit

Posted by Brian J Arnold on April 1, 2014 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (1)

 The following is in the spirit of April Fools Day and not meant to be taken seriously. :P



My goal is to run a LEAN TWIT, by which I mean to keep the ratio of Twitter “Followers" to "Following' fairly balanced. This is based on the completely unscientific logic of how I see other people's Twitter accounts.


  • When I look at an account that has no followers I fall into the equivalent of the dater who won't touch someone no one else likes.
  • When I see someone who follows no one, I assume that they are a windbag; pulpiteering, but not listening.
  • When I see a follower with no posts I assume that they are either insecure or running some angle on a Phishing scam.


This all leads to my arbitrary goal of wanting to keep a balance between my followers and following.

Right now I am following more than I have followers, this says to the world, I have friends, but am no leader.

When my followers outweigh my followings I will be sending the right message. “Here is someone amusing enough to devote 6-10 seconds of my day to on a semi-regular basis.”

Additionally, the following will allow me to afford to follow a greater number of other folks without blowing my golden ratio.”



I continue to post "thick" comments which are intended to attract followers to the subject matter which interests me.

When accepting followers I vette their posts along with their follower to following ratio - based on this ratio, I multiply it all times that day's prime rate over the number of kids passing my office window - and I make an arbitrary decision about following them back, which I justify with some or all of these numbers.

If you choose to adopt these practices, you too can be a lean twit.

Follow me @invishero.

I probably won't follow you back.