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Brian J. Arnold 



• Master of Fine Arts, Film, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1996 

• Bachelor of Arts, Literature, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, 1994 



Online and Hybrid Instructor - National University, June 2010-Present 

• Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Game Program 

o Instructor 

 MGP650 Video Game Production 

 MGP688 Game Testing 

 MGP689 The Business of Games 

• Digital Media Design (formerly Digital Entertainment and Interactive Arts) Program 

o Instructor 

 BRO305 Media Storytelling 

 MUL300 Convergent Media 

 MUL315 Video Game Design 

 MUL365 Digital Video Editing 

 MUL370 Digital Interactivity 

 MUL399 Emerging Technologies 

 MUL420 Portfolio Project 

 MUL430 Advanced Design Project 

 MUL445 Digital Project Management 

 MUL462 Digital Audio Creation 

 MUL471 Advanced Digital Interactive Project 

o Curriculum Development 

 MUL430 Advanced 2D Imaging 

 MUL200 Communication Tools 

 MUL420 Portfolio Project 

 MUL000 Course Design for Course Designers 

o Lead Faculty 

 Doubled enrollment 

 Updated all program marketing materials 

 Outreach training via web and extensive travel 

 Deepened faculty program bench strength 

 Achieved adoption of for DMD students 

o Service 

 Master’s Thesis Committee MDC and MPS 2010-2013 

 Consult on program revisions related to Digital Media 

 Served on program, school and University committee 

 Chaired Persistence initiative committee 




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Online Instructor - The Art Institute Online 2008-PRESENT 

• Game Art and Design / Media Arts and Animation programs 

o Instructor 

 C132 Survey of Animation 

 C211 Storyboard Rendering for Animation 

 C424 Pre-portfolio Presentation for Animation 

 C430 Presentation for Animation 

 CC478 Special Topics 

 C130 History of Animation 

 GAD101 Introduction to Game Development 

 GAD421 Game Production Team 

 GAD414 Advanced Game Prototyping 

o Provided IGDA national chapter oversight 


Visual Culture - Incorporated 2002-2010 

• Co-founder 

o Independent Production Company that provides innovative, clear and compelling 

instructional material for national distribution 

o Produced Exploring Visual Storytelling textbook with original animation DVD 


o Established relationships with designers, faculty, animators and editors 

o Managed limited resources into successful production deadlines 

o Created, supervised and delivered final edit of animated story 

o Designed curriculum and accredited a college level visual arts program 


Internal Communications Specialist – EDMC 2009 

• eCollege Learning Outcome Management implementation 


Dean of Academic Affairs - California Design College (The Art Institutes), 2007-2008 

 Supervised 

o 85 faculty 

o Six administrators 

o 875 students 

o Eight academic programs 

o Rolled out two academic programs 

 Visual Effects 

 Set design 

 Initiated a Portfolio Foundations freshmen seminar to build skills in communication, teamwork, 

presentation and critique 


Academic Department Director - The Art Institute of California Orange County, 2006-2007 

 Developed Visual and Game Programming program with 12 full-time faculty 

 Evolved the Game Art and Design program curriculum 

 Maintained hardware and software within industry standards 

 Initiated consortium of Academic Directors within the California Art Institutes 


Academic Department Director -The Art Institutes International Minnesota, 2004-2006 

 Responsible for the development of the fledgling Adverting and Design Management 


 Hosted successful Program Advisory Committee meetings with local industry representatives 

which resulted in curriculum changes, the acquisition of new faculty and the discovery of 

new guest speakers 



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Online Advocate - The Art Institutes International Minnesota, 2003-2004 

 Served as coordinator between all host campus departments and Pittsburg online while 

cultivating clear communication between students, faculty, staff and administration 

 Researched and implemented new course offerings through online medium 

 Consistently acted as an effective liaison between work groups with conflicting incentives, 

achieving desired outcomes without negative impact from escalated tensions 


Instructor- Art Institutes International Minnesota, 2002-2003 

 Conceptual Storytelling: Introduction to visual narrative storytelling concept and format with 

the objective of developing storytelling skills and an understanding of story form in a 

performance-based environment 

 Team Animation/Visual Effects Production Team: Merging storytelling, animation, modeling 

and processing skills with compositing software to produce team-based projects in an 

industry-simulated environment 

 Digital Portfolio: Guiding students towards successful production of professional-level 

portfolio reel 


Editor - Nickelodeon Animation Studio, 1997-2001 

• Provided story feedback to directors during pre-production phase of animation 

o Animatic Editor + Audio Editor 

o Sheet Timer 

o Assistant Audio Engineer 

o Avid Editing Trainee 

• Edited storyboards for continuity and clarity 

• Created an image filing system used throughout studio on future projects 



UFVA University Film & Video Association 

IDMAA International Digital Media and Arts Association 



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Gamification in Education 

• Presented ASBBS Las Vegas, NV 2014 

Hybrid Engagement 

• Submitted ASEE Conference Long Beach, CA 2014 

Invisible Hero (10 minute animation) 


• Won Merit in Accolade Festival 

• Won Best Animation in Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 

• Hon Mention for an Animated Film at the Short. Sweet. Film Fest Ohio 

• Audience favorite and Best Director at First Glance Film Festival Hollywood 

• Screened at Savannah International Film Festival 

• Screened at Geneva Film Festival Illinois 

• Screened IFS Independent Film Showcase Los Angeles 

Waltz with Bashir & The Class (Adaptation scripts) 

• Adaptation scripts for Oscar nominated films 2008) 

Exploring Visual Storytelling (Textbook & Original Animation DVD) 

• Released by Thomson Delmar Learning, 2007 

• Guide to showing and telling compelling narratives 

Behind the Design (Three-DVD instructional tool) 

• Released by Thomson Delmar Learning, 2007 

• Non-linear documentation of professional design processes from client concept to final 


Visual Story-teaching 

• Presentation to Nation University Fall Assembly 2012 

 Science and Ethics Game Based Learning Project 

• NSF grant proposal 2012 (rejected with encouragement) & 2013 (pending) 



Committees (National University) 

 Data Analytic Full time faculty search committee member 2012-2013 

 SETM SAC assessment committee 2012-2013 

 General Education University Committee 2012-2013 

 Retention Subcommittee of UGC 2013-2014 

 Persistence Committee ad hoc PCah (CHAIR) 2013-2014 

 MSEIT Curriculum Advisory Board 2013-2014 

 Dean’s Advisory Council SETM 2013-2014 


Committees (Art Institute) 

 Technology Committee (Chair) 

 Advisors Committee 

 Curriculum Committee 

 Institutional Effectiveness Committee 

 Image Committee 

 Portfolio Committee 

 Leadership Committee 

 Marketing Steering Committee 

 Student Success Committee 

 Student Newspaper Desk 

 IGDA national chapter 




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 Hosted two ACICS accreditation visits 

 Supervised faculty thought a one-year ACICS accreditation follow up visit 

 Achieved state accreditation for my own school, Visual Culture (dormant) 




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